CUSTOMIZED SERVICES.  Our customers come first.  DOCTORS’ CHOICE works in tandem with our clients, tailoring our services to meet your personal business needs. We use tried and true technology, integrated with flexible and creative solutions.

AN EXCLUSIVE FOCUS.  DOCTORS’ CHOICE implements a dedicated team with its dedication and focus on each client. Our team focuses on billing so you can focus on patients. We stay on top of changes from insurance companies and regulations that affect your every day.

A RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT.  Health care providers have discovered that a contract with DOCTORS’ CHOICE more than covers billing costs.  We have successfully reduced the number of denials, delays in revenue cycles and increased the collections and profitability of our clients.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE.  DOCTORS’ CHOICE has over two decades of history, along with our staff having 400+ years of combined experience in Practice Management, Coding and Revenue Cycle Management.  Each one is continually being trained and updated in the latest billing and coding procedures as well as the medical policies of the various payers in our market.

IT INTEGRATION, HOSTING & DATA ANALYTICS. DCMS supports through its Partnerships DataCenter Hosting with a focus on meeting Healthcare uptime demands. Technology Integration and Data Interfaces: using HL7 or custom solutions IT Support, Installation, Network Monitoring and Systems Maintenance

AN INCENTIVE TO PERFORM.  Unlike many other billing services, DOCTORS’ CHOICE only profits if you do.  Rather than charging flat fees and per document charges, we receive a percentage of revenues collected.  This provides an added incentive for us to provide you with our best possible effort.