IT Integration, Hosting & Data Analytics

Equipment costs always seem like a “SUNK COST”. It does not have to be so. There are alternatives to purchasing that can better-fit the budget of your medical practice. Hosted, leased services and support are available when Doctors’ Choice uses “power in numbers” to assist in procuring and offering “best in breed” technology solutions.

With the focus on high reliability, rapid response and the right fit, Doctors’ Choice can assist with hardware & IT solutions for medical practices to help you make your IT budget be a “Profit Center” rather than a “Cost Center”.  Whether you are looking to hosting your software, in-house support and maintenance contracts, installation, wiring or procuring new systems – our partners are committed to the healthcare user!

Interfacing and data sharing with disparate systems has become critical in promoting efficiencies. EMR, patient care portals, scheduling online, laboratories and medical equipment communications, and more. All these are elevating the patient experience and the physician success. Doctors’ Choice has been in the unique place to facilitate, recommend and push these projects to light for our clients.  For 23 years, we have been in the center of the technological changes. Let us assist you by leveraging our experience and resources.

BIG DATA is here and your office needs to consider a Technology budget. As they say, “the data tells all.” Our decades of experience, fostered with strong partnerships, make Doctors’ Choice an effective resource to help both small and large healthcare organizations attain their technology goals. Doctors’ Choice can engage with our customers, using standard and custom tools to analyze, make use of, and present meaningful data to help take your practice to the next level.

Let us know how we can help!