Our Continuous Billing Cycle

Insurance Procedures:

  • Account Managers verify insurance information
  • Insurance claims are filed daily, electronically if possible, otherwise by mail
  • Claims are verified daily as having been received by carrier
  • Rejections are received electronically by carriers daily, claims are corrected and resubmitted by Account Managers immediately
  • Requests for additional information from carriers are submitted to the practice and tracked by Account Managers until received
  • After thirty days of non payment, insurance claims are automatically resubmitted
  • electronically
  • Insurance companies are called by Account Managers seeking status of unpaid claims daily
  • After primary insurance has paid a claim, secondary insurance is filed and the full process is repeated

Patient Collections:

  • All patient statements are processed minimally on weekly cycles
  • Patients are billed in three cycles
  • One or more pre-collection delinquent letters are sent to patients as follows:
    • First letter sent when patients have not paid in ninety days
    • Second letter requests payment in full or arrange a payment plan
  • Final notices are sent to patients as follows:
    • Patients have not paid in 90-120 days
    • If no response after final notice, account set for review by physicians
    • Doctors’ Choice will send accounts to client specified collection agency
    • Special extended collection efforts are pursued per client request