Revenue Cycle Management

Are you ready to optimize your upfront collections and prevent unnecessary denials?

Since 1995, Doctors’ Choice has provided effective revenue cycle management and, in turn, allows its clients to spend their time focusing on patient care.

With changing patient and payment models, we help our practices to strategically:
Re-Think, Re-Evaluate, Re-Consider and Re-Cycle existing systems and how they best increase the bottom line consistently.

However, our Re-Engineering process always includes an unchangeable drive – Focus on your ‘Mantra’ – Patients First!

As the healthcare landscape changes and medical professionals are being required to move from fee-for-service payments to value-based payments, effective revenue cycle management is crucial. It is important that there are successful processes and policies in place to stay financially healthy.

How would you change or improve the cycle as shown for maximum increase in revenue?

The process of revenue cycle management is multi-faceted and needs to be managed in a comprehensive way. Each of the steps below must be executed in a quick and efficient way.

  • Scheduling and patient registration
  • Eligibility verification
  • Charge entry
  • Claims submission
  • Denial management

Our expertise in overseeing each of these important steps of the revenue cycle provides our clients with maximized revenue.

Benefits of using Doctors’ Choice:

Industry-Leading Accuracy

Doctors’ Choice consistently has a net collection rate of 98% of claims submitted. In the end, this means our clients are collecting more revenue for their services than most medical professionals.

Industry Payment Updates and Changes

Doctors’ Choice keeps it pulse on what is happening in the healthcare industry and how it may affect our clients’ payment models. As we learn of impending changes we take the time to update our clients as to the potential impact on their revenue cycle. MACRA, MIPS and PQRS are just some of the programs we have proactively educated our clients about that affect the revenue cycle.

Comprehensive Customer Service

Doctors’ Choice has a dedicated team that is responsive to both our clients and their patients. We understand that the patient experience is at the forefront of healthcare today. Therefore, it is our mission to respond to our clients quickly and accurately, so they have the information they need to provide to their patients. Equally important is our commitment to serve our clients’ patients in a courteous and responsive manner. We truly believe we are an extension of your office.

Useful and Timely Reporting

Doctors’ Choice provides comprehensive reporting in a timely fashion to our clients. We believe that reporting is more than a static activity of just providing simple numbers on a report. Instead, we believe that reporting is a dynamic activity where we review the numbers to understand trends that impact the revenue cycle. Our reporting feedback is provided to our clients monthly so that we can educate our clients if a process change is needed to better maximize their revenue.

Drive Patient Revenue with Doctors’ Choice Medical Services!